The targeted program of state support will be implemented quickly and efficiently

29 March, 2021
On March 26, at the initiative of Colonel A. Avetisyan, Head of the General Department for issues of Health Care, Social Protection of Servicemen and issues of Veterans of the RA Ministry of Defense, a working discussion was held to study the problems arising in the provision of mortgage lending in accordance with the procedure defined by the RA Government Decree N 1091-N August 22, 2019 "On the approval of the target program of state support for servicemen under the contract of officers and senior non-commissioned officers for the purchase of an apartment, a house or the construction of a house, and on the determination of the procedure and conditions for long-term mortgage lending for the purchase of an apartment, a house or the construction of a house on affordable and preferential terms by servicemen under the contract of officer and senior non-commissioned officers of the system of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia”.

The leaders and representatives of the RA Central Bank, “Ardshinbank” CJSC and 10 developers took part in the discussion.

According to the agreement reached as a result of the exchange of views, the process will be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible in the interests of the servicemen who are the beneficiaries of the targeted program.