Armenia to hold combined arms tactical and tactical-professional joint exercises

12 March, 2021 12:21
According to the RA Armed Forces 2021 first half Readiness Plan, Armenia will hold joint tactical and tactical-professional exercises from March 16 to 20 in all operational directions of the RA Armed Forces with the involvement of combined arms, branches of service and special forces units, aimed at:

- assessing the combat readiness of the troops, operational C2 capabilities and rapid reaction capabilities in the emerged situation,

- raising issues related to interoperability between the organic, attached and combat support units and means,

- conducting fire control training for the units with live fire and drill round tactical-operational war-game scenarios.

The tactical and tactical-professional exercises involve about 7,500 servicemen, around 200 missile, rocket-artillery and artillery systems, more than 150 anti-tank systems, about 100 armored vehicles, more than 90 air defence systems. Aviation will also be engaged for the purpose of supporting tactical operations of the troops.