19 November, 2020
During the military operations unleashed since September 27, many organizations and individuals, including those from abroad, donated or allocated military supplies, vehicles, other equipment and other items and devices to the Armed Forces.

The goods and means stored in the warehouses of the Ministry of Defence were regularly classified by types and distributed as needed.

Highly appreciating the support provided by the organizations and individuals during the defence of the Homeland and emphasizing the need for the targeted use of the funds donated to the Armed Forces in the future, we urge to return the distributed military supplies and equipment to the following warehouses of the Ministry of Defence:

military supplies: Proshyan village, rocket and artillery weapons warehouse, c. Goris, rocket and artillery weapons warehouse,

vehicles: c. Yeghvard, Yeghvard highway, arsenal,

means of communication: c. Yerevan, Tsarav Aghbyur 54,

goods: c. Yerevan, Artsakh 61.