Press release

8 November, 2020 10:44
According to the information received from the Defence Army of Artsakh, on the night of November 7-8, combat operations of mixed intensity have continued in all directions of the frontline. The most ferocious combat has unfolded in the vicinity of Shushi, and in the southeastern sector.

The DA units have dealt the hostile force with pinpoint strikes – thus driving back numerous attempts for advance. In the course of combat taken place throughout various directions, the DA units have annihilated a large number of hostile personnel, and have destroyed 4 tanks, 20 other armored vehicles, 11 soft-skinned vehicles, and 2 UAVs. Concurrently with combat operations, the enemy has shelled with artillery and rocket systems the capital Stepanakert and Shushi, causing damage to the civilian infrastructure.

At the dawn, concentrations of enemy equipment and manpower have been observed at the southeastern and northeastern sectors of the frontline. The Army units control the operational and tactical situation and are taking measures for fire engagement of the enemy.