Press release

5 November, 2020 10:28
According to the information received from the Defence Army of Artsakh, on the night of November 4-5, the relatively stable tension was maintained in all the directions of the frontline. The enemy forces were especially active in the eastern, southeastern and southern directions. The multiple attacks by the opponent’s assault groups were successfully stopped by the Defence Army. The enemy suffered heavy losses of manpower and military equipment.

The opponent, consisting of two assault groups, attempted to attack in the northern part, too, but this was detected on time by the army units and these two assault groups were neutralized. During the day, the peaceful settlements of Artsakh continued to remain in the target zone of the rocket and artillery fire of the enemy forces.

The attempts by the enemy forces to attack in these directions continue.

The operative-tactical situation is controlled by the Defence Army units along the entire frontline.