Press release

1 November, 2020 11:19
According to the information received from the Defence Army of Artsakh, on the night of October 31-November 1, the battles continued in the southwestern, southeastern and northern directions. In parallel with the combat operations, the enemy forces continued to target the peaceful settlements, in particular, delivering rocket and artillery strikes at the cities of Martuni, Shushi and village of Qarin Tak.

The Defence Army units carried out targeted strikes at the opponent’s firing positions operating in the mentioned directions. The enemy forces attempted to advance in the Avetaranots-Sghnakh section with the support of around 10 pieces of motorized equipment, but being hit by the army forces and suffering heavy losses, they were thrown back.

In the morning, the enemy forces resumed their offensive operations, at the same time continuing to shell the peaceful settlements.

The Defence Army maintains full control along the entire frontline, controlling all the movements of the enemy and, if necessary, delivering targeted strikes to the latter.