Azerbaijan has handed the command of an offensive air operation against the Republic of Artsakh over to the Turkish Air Force

30 September, 2020
ince 10 A.M. two Turkish F-16 multirole jets, together with Azerbaijani SU-25 fighters and Turkish Bayraktar surveillance UAVs have been taking off from Kyurdamir Air Base in Azerbaijan. Operating at a high latitude, they are striking the settlements in Hadrut and Martuni regions.

This operation is controlled by a distant E7-T air force command post in the Erzerum-Kars area.  It is possible that the Turkish leadership of the Air Force is in the airplane.    

In addition, a UAV Turkish command post is located at a certain distance from the borders of the Hadrut region. It coordinates the attacks of Azerbaijani jets. 

The above mentioned information is directly monitored and recorded by the Joint Air Defense Command. The control data will be provided soon.