Ruben Sanamyan was awarded with the title of the RA National Hero

21 August, 2020 17:11
By the decree of the President of the Republic NH-189-A of August 18, 2020 and based on the Prime Minister’s recommendation, Ruben Sanamyan was decorated with the Order of Homeland, receiving the supreme title of the National Hero of Armenia.
Captain R. Sanamyan, as an officer and commander, showed exceptional bravery, self-sacrifice and courage in ensuring the defence and security of the homeland.

Captain Sanamyan skillfully led the personnel of the special reconnaissance group, encouraging the servicemen with his personal example, setting individual tasks, organizing the repulse of the opponent’s multiple attacks on the "ANVAKH" combat position, causing significant losses to the opponent’s manpower, armament and military equipment.

Not sparing his own life, together with the combatants of the group, he carried out complex and dangerous engineering activities on the approaches to the position, obtained valuable documents, weapons, ammunition, a number of technical means and other data due to the intelligence operations.

As a commander, Captain Sanamyan accurately analyzed the opponent’s actions, assessed the situation, predicted the possible developments and through the joint efforts with the personnel of the position kept the "Anvakh" combat position invincible.

Ruben Sanamyan (father’s name Razmik) was born in Dilijan (Tavush Province) on September 22, 1976. He completed the compulsory military service in one of the frontline military units of the Defence Army and joined the Armed Forces as a contract-based serviceman in 2006.

He is married and has two children.

In 2012, R. Sanamyan was awarded with the Battle Cross Order of the second degree.