A commission has been set up to discuss the citizens' applications and complaints during the summer conscription

15 June, 2020
By the order of the RA Minister of Defence, under the auspices of the Public Council adjacent to the RA Minister of Defence, a commission for the discussion of the citizens’ applications and complaints during the summer conscription of 2020. Adviser to the Minister of Defense G. Harutyunyan was appointed chairman of the commission.

The sittings of the commission will be held at the office of the Public Council located at 44 Teryan Street (intersection of Teryan and Sayat Nova streets, the building of the staff of the Kentron administrative district).

The first sitting will take place on June 30 of this year and the next sittings will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

The applications and complaints are received at the office of the Public Council on the weekdays. The applications must be addressed to the chairman of the commission, indicating the applicant's name and surname, registration address, as well as the telephone number(s) for the feedback. The applications and complaints can also be sent by the mail.

The copies of the required documents (references, epicrises, research acts, expert opinions, etc.) should be attached to the application-complaint.

In order to protect the anti-epidemic safety, it is necessary to:

write an application-complaint at home,

visit the workplace of the Public Council alone in case of handing over the application-complaint in person,

wear a protective mask and gloves.

Besides the conscript, one member of the family may participate in the sitting of the commission.

The commission will not accept the citizens.

For information and clarifications, call / 010 / 52-34-82.