The RA Minister of Defence visited the military units located in the southeast of the country

13 June, 2020
On June 12, Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia David Tonoyan visited the military units located in the southeast of the country, observed the course of organizing the military service.

On the day of the commemoration of Monte Melkonyan, Minister Tonoyan visited the combat base named after the national hero, got acquainted with the monitoring opportunities, conditions of the duty of the military personnel, as well as he awarded the outstanding servicemen serving in the positions.

Within the framework of the visit, the Minister of Defence also visited the military units where the construction activities are being carried out, the new infrastructures are being created, the servicemen’s living conditions are being improved, the training centers of the military units are being repaired and furnished.

The Minister of Defence toured the canteen of one of the military units, where a new order of food supply has recently been introduced.

At the end of the visit, David Tonoyan held a consultation with the command staff and gave relevant instructions.