Azerbaijan made an attempt of sabotage penetration

30 March, 2020
On March 30, at about 19: 00, Azerbaijan made an attempt of sabotage penetration in the direction of the Armenian military posts of the Noyemberyan region of Tavush Province.

Due to the operations of the Armenian border guard troops, the adversary was thrown back and the information about the casualties is being clarified. The Armenian side does not have casualties and only two servicemen received slight injuries as a result of the operations.

At the same time the adversary also targeted the Baghanis and Voskevan villlages of Armenia and a young resident of Voskevan was injured during the shootings. The young boy was standing at the balcony of the house at that moment.

The Armed Forces of Armenia will take actions adequate to the situation in order to stabilize the situation in the border zone and to suppress the impertinent actions that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, in this case the border guard troops have taken during the current pandemic and Azerbaijan’s military-political leadership will bear full responsibility for the consequences.