The message of Chief of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, Lieutenant General A. Davtyan to the parents, relatives, friends of the servicemen of the mandatory military service

18 March, 2020
Dear compatriots, a new type of coronavirus infection is expanding day by day, including also the Republic of Armenia. Standing in front of the serious challenge of the coronavirus infection, the authorities of the Republic of Armenia established a state of emergency in the country to fight and prevent the spread of the infection, development and its negative effects on the economy.

For the leadership of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, a serviceman is of high value and everything possible is being done to protect him from health problems.

In this current situation, I appeal to you to prevent the penetration of the infection into the Armed Forces:

  1. Do not unduly interfere in the large-scale and diverse activities and preventive measures against the epidemic in cooperation with the command staff of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Health and other governmental structures.
  2. Consciously and understandingly approach the decision not to grant leave to the servicemen of the mandatory military service; this step is aimed at excluding the contacts of the servicemen with the potential infected citizens.
  3. Avoid sending food, hygiene supplies and other supplies to the servicemen.
  4. Do not disclose information about the spread of the infection or about the relatives, friends, acquaintances being infected during the telephone conversations, so as not to cause alarm among the servicemen.

By showing maximum caution and restraint, you will allow your children to carry out their duties duly.

I am confident and hopeful that through our joint and mutual activities we will overcome this challenge.

I wish health to all of us.