A summary statement of the results of the main work done in 2019 of the RA MoD

17 January, 2020
During the reporting period:
1. The new structure of the General Staff of the Armed Forces and the RA MoD was approved.
2. The Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia was replenished with a large number of armaments and military equipment, including Su-30SM multifunction fighter aircrafts, TOR-M2KM air defense missile systems and other means.

3. The tactical military exercises and control trainings were conducted. From September 24 to October 5 of 2019 a strategic military exercise was conducted with the mobilization of the resources (the full mobilization of the attached military resources of the Armenian Armed Forces) in order to improve the troop management capabilities and to increase the field training of the units. During the strategic military exercise the conscripts participated in the military harmonization process in the military units for 5 and 10 days.

4. An extensive work was done to improve the combat duty; the combat posts and bases were replenished with the video monitoring systems, solar power stations and were provided with drinking water and electricity.

5. The curricula of the military educational institutions were reviewed and the various levels of the trainings were introduced. The National Defense Research University launched a four-month departmental academic training course called "State’s Military Security". The aim of this course is to complete the cycle of the military education having full education from the college to the strategic links.

6. The amount of the military allowance was increased.

7. An extensive work was done to address the issues related to the logistics activities. Since June 2019, the implementation of the pilot project by a private partner was launched, the services for food preparation and service are being implemented in more than 40 military units. The new types of the sneakers, high quality and comfortable socks and warm underwear were acquired and introduced in the RA Armed Forces.

8. The domestic production and repair agreements provided for by the procurement plan in 2019 were sealed and executed.

9. A new media accreditation procedure was developed and put into operation (posted on the official website of the Ministry of Defense). The mobile app of the RA MoD official website (mil.am) will already be available on Android and iOS operating systems.

10. The draft law “On Making Addenda and Amendment” to the RA “Law on Approving the Discipline Charter of the RA Armed Forces” was submitted to the RA Prime Minister's Staff, approved at the RA Government session and submitted to the RA National Assembly, included in the NA agenda. The regulations presented by the Ombudsman staff were fully taken into account in the draft law.

11. The military service terms under “I Have The Honor” program lowered from 3 to 2 years 3 months.

12. The RA MoD Housing Program put into operation 5 residential buildings in Goris, Sisian, Vayk, Gyumri and Choprlu (on January 28, 2020 two more buildings are planned to be handed over).

13. The activities aimed at strengthening the international military-political posts of the Republic of Armenia and the development of the armed forces continued;

the Armenian Armed Forces participated in the CSTO military exercises

the military-political consultations continued within the framework of the cooperation with NATO and the USA

the agreements on supply of the military-technical products were signed within the framework of the Armenian-Russian military-technical cooperation

the participation of the Armenian Armed Forces in the international missions, as well as the humanitarian mission of the Armenian specialists in Syria continued.

14. The appointments of the military pensions and monthly bonuses were made.

By the Government’s decision No 1535-N of December 27, 2007 the former servicemen were provided with the certificates of purchasing apartments by the Central Housing Commission of the Ministry of Defense within the means allocated to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia.

In accordance with the RA law “On compensation of damage caused to servicemen’s life or health during the defense of the Republic of Armenia” the compensation cases of the former servicemen killed during the combat duty in the contact line with the enemy or during the special combat operations were filed and submitted to the Servicemen Insurance Fund.