NATO experts visited Armenia

12 December, 2019 17:19
On December 9-12, NATO Expert Group on advisory assistance to the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia was in a regular visit to Yerevan for the issues on the development of defence education and enhancing goodwill.

The purpose of the visit was to summarize the 2019 cooperation programs with the Ministry of Defence Personnel and Military Education Department and military training institutions, the participation in the initial discussions on the 2020 cooperation program and the launch of the pilot program "Good Governance and Benevolence" for 4th year students of MoD institutions.

Heads and representatives of teaching staff of relevant departments of the Ministry of Defence, National Defence Research University, Military University after A. Sargsyan and Military Aviation University after Marshal A. Khanperyants were also involved.

During the working meeting at the Ministry of Defence, the Armenian side presented reports on the reforms implemented in the military education and military-educational institutions.

On December 10-12, advisory group visited MoD military educational institutions, meetings with institutions leadership and educational process leaders were organized. Briefings were presented on the review of the curricula of the universities, the teaching staff training, the new teaching methodology, and individual projects implemented with the assistance of the advisory group.

The advisory group was also familiarized with the military-medical faculty of Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi and got acquainted with the main activities of the educational institution.

The results of the visit were summarized on December 12 during the meeting with Deputy Defence Minister Gabriel Balayan. The agenda of the reforms in the field of military education was also discussed, as well as the ways of further cooperation.