NATO Defence Education Enhancement group visiting Armenia

28 March, 2019 18:16
A NATO Defence Education Enhancement Programme group, formed to support the needs of Armenia, paid a visit to Yerevan between 25 and 28 March. Leading experts from NATO headquarters, as well as from Canadian and US military education institutions were among the group members.

The purpose of the visit was sum up the results of the 2018 cooperation with the Armenian Ministry of Defense and military education institutions, as well as finalising the 2019 cooperation projects. The Armenian party made reports on the reforms in military education system and in military education institutions. On 26-28 March, the group visited the institutions and had meetings with their leaderships. 

The group also visited the Yerevan State Medical University and the Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Centre.

The results of the visit were summed up at a meeting with Armenian Deputy Defence Minister Gabriel Balayan.