Defence minister meets with Ditaket project staff

26 September, 2017
Armenian Defence Minister Vigen Sargsyan met on September 26 with the staff of the Ditaket project.

He thanked them for the active work and emphasized that the Ditaket project, initiated by the Ministry of Defence, is an important feedback link between the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence, designed to identify issues related to military service and help to identify effective ways of addressing them.

"It is crucial for our citizens to be confident that the Ministry of Defence constantly focuses on the issues they encounter during their service and feel that they have the opportunity to offer feedback on their experience," Sargsyan said.

He emphasized the importance of reporting reliable information about the process to avoid misunderstandings.

"This program has nothing to do with mobilization or additional service perspectives. This is a mere polling that is intended to get complete information about the opinions of those who have finished their service, to form a full opinion, to overcome the existing stereotypes, and to fix the existing problems. This project does not pursue any other purpose. I have to reiterate that in no way anyone's answers can be linked to that person. Therefore, using the opportunity, I would like to ask our retired servicemen to be fully cooperative with this program and provide as full information as possible so we could find the existing problems and solutions, " Sargsyan added.

The coordinator of the project, Armen Khachikyan, spoke about the details of the project and preliminary observations, saying that it is proceeding as planned.

The participants of the meeting asked the Defence minsterquestions and presented their proposals related to the project. Sargsyan asked the two young men who have completed their service and now are involved in the project to share their views on the Ditaket project. In response, the former servicemen conveyed their conviction that the project represents yet another wonderful opportunity to raise military service related issue.