A meeting of the interagency commission took place at the administrative complex of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia

28 February, 2017
A meeting of the interagency commission created to provide solutions to issues concerning border-adjacent communities took place on February 28th, led by Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, Vigen Sargsyan.

Expressing the importance of the high level of interagency cooperation, the head of the defense administration of the Republic of Armenia also expressed assurances that the activities of the commission will contribute to the coordination and solution of existing issues affecting border-adjacent communities.


Minister of Defense Vigen Sargsyan emphasized the fact that the issues facing border-adjacent communities are permanently in the center of attention of the leadership of the Republic. It is therefore necessary to do everything possible to correctly assess the situation and take necessary steps to coordinate it.


Representatives from the Ministries of Territorial Administration and Development, Emergency Services, Education and Science, and Health and other members of the commission presented reports concerning the works being carried out in border-adjacnent-communities.