Meeting at the administrative complex of the Ministry of Defence

29 September, 2014
On September 29, Defence Minister Seyran Ohanyan met with the delegation of Armenian Black Belts Academy International.

The Minister of Defence expressed his gratitude to the president of the international academy, founder of the Armenian Black Belts Academy (A.B.B.A.), representative of Artsakh in the Middle East, Mr. Karo Kebabjyan, for consistently putting issues related with young people living in border areas front and center, and for contributing to upbringing and education of healthy, combat-ready, and physically prepared generations. This cause is greatly supported by opening of A.B.B.A. branches on border regions where the Armenian youth has the opportunity to master the secrets of martial arts free of charge. As a token of friendship and cooperation, Karo Kebabjyan awarded the A.B.B.A. commemorative medal to Defence Minister Seyran Ohanyan.