Certification exams are going on

12 July, 2023 16:11
Certification exams for servicemembers of a number of military units of the Defence Ministry go on which commenced on July 10.
On July 12, early in the morning, the servicemen gave exams in running for 3 km and 1 km, as well as in professional skills and knowledge of official duties, in the subjects of combat and shooting training.
Defence Minister Suren Papikyan visited the MoD military units to watch the course of the exams. Minister got acquainted with the certification exams and the work of the commissions, and inquired about servicemembers’ mental disposition, all whilst answering their questions.
The head of the Defence Agency had talks with the participants of the program “Homeland Defender” serving in N military unit, who had given the certification exams before and had begun their military service. Minister Papikyan urged the servicemembers, who had gotten medium and good marks in the exams, not to stop at the achieved results and strive to get excellent marks in the coming months.
The Chief of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces- First Deputy Minister of Defence, Lieutenant General Edward Asryan supervised the certification exams in another military unit of the MoD.