Suren Papikyan visited the training center

13 June, 2023 19:50
On June 13, in the framework of the servicemembers' certification process, Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia Suren Papikyan visited the training center. There the Minister watched one of the examinations of certification process of beneficiaries of the program “Homeland Defender.”
The Minister answered the servicemembers' questions, wished them successful exams and good results. Suren Papikyan added that those servicemembers who fail to pass the current examination phase will be given another opportunity to prepare better for exams and demonstrate their abilities anew.
The members of the certification commission briefed the Minister on the progress of the examinations and their preliminary outcomes.
Afterwards, the Defence Minister walked around the classrooms of the training center, watched the units’ training activities, all the while conversing with the course participants.
The head of the defence agency also met with all the participants of the “Homeland Defender” program stationed at the training center. Talking with them about the practical phase of the project and an attentive and proper engagement of the commission, the Minister emphasized that the objectivity and transparency of the certification are kept under special control.
Minister Papikyan called on the servicemembers to spare no effort to get high grades during the exams.