The logistic supply vehicle has been found

27 May, 2023 11:30
The logistic supply vehicle operated by the two servicemen of the RA Armed Forces, who were delivering provisions and water to combat outpost on May 26, at 7 p.m., was found on the inter-positional road.
On May 26, the Azerbaijani media outlets, after it the State Border Service of Azerbaijan, disseminated misinformation claiming that the Armenian side made a sabotage-infiltration attempt and that two servicemen of the Armenian Armed forces had been apprehended.
Once again we inform that the information disseminated by the State Border Service of Azerbaijan regarding the Armenian side’s allegedly sabotage-infiltration attempt is an absolute falsehood and disinformation. The Armenian side has enough proofs to deny it, which will be presented to the international partners.
There was also a weapon of one of the servicemen left in the found vehicle, which proves that even if the servicemen got out of the car and had lost their bearings in the area, the servicemen could not have sabotage objectives in mind.
Intensive activities are underway to find out the circumstances of the illegal abduction of Armenian servicemen by Azerbaijan.