The outputs of Military prosecutor’s office of 2022

4 March, 2023 11:00
On March 3, the outputs of Military prosecutor’s office of 2022 have been summarized. Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia Suren Papikyan attended the briefing by the invitation of the Prosecutor General.
The Prosecutor General expressed her gratitude to the head of the RA Defence Department for accepting the meeting invitation and expressed hope that the issues discussed in the course of the briefing will be mutually beneficial.
"Our task is aiming for a one purpose: to be focused on the vision of having a disciplined, strong and powerful army," emphasized Anna Vardapetyan and highlighted Military prosecutor Grigor Elizbaryan's visits to military educational institutions and military units, which is aimed to show the boundary of acceptable and unacceptable behavior of servicemen with discussions and, as well as any adverse consequences that would result from the unacceptable boundary crossing.
"This is the main philosophy of the Military Prosecutor's Office. priority, to prevent incidents, and in case of failure, to conduct punitive actions", stressed the Prosecutor General of the Republic.

RA Defence Minister Suren Papikyan expressed his gratitude for the invitation, emphasized the importance of cooperation aimed at having a more disciplined and strong army. "In this context, it is essential that in the framework of our cooperation we can take preventive measures and not provide a criminal justice assessment to the already happened incident. The honor of an officer is first to be disciplined.
Thus, we should express willingness against all kinds of crimes, their initial manifestations, though, at the same time, we should help our partners in all spheres to overcome a failure throughout their service duties and not to have the unfortunate incidents that have been recorded up to now," the head of the defence department emphasized and also paid attention to the cooperation of the MoD Military Police with the Military Prosecutor's Office excluding non-statutory relations in the army.
Deputy General Prosecutor of RA, military prosecutor Grigor Elizbaryan presented the outputs and analyzes of the work done in 2022.
Afterwards, The Minister of Defence and the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia paid attention to a number of issues, discussed the mechanism of cooperation, including in the field of defence of state interests.