The Minister of Defence gave instructions about the following discipline and security safety rules

1 March, 2023 22:20
On March 1, in the course of the working visit to the MoD N military unit Minister of Defence Suren Papikyan had a meeting with the senior soldiers of the combat positions, platoons, and sections’ commanders on combat duty.
The personnel, which is responsible for the defence of the front line reported to the Minister on the upgrading of combat positions, engineering equipment and rear support.
Defence Minister expressed conviction that the MoD will make an effort directed to the defence of the motherland and fulfillment of fortification.
The senior soldiers of the combat positions reported to the Minister Papikyan that the combat positions are equipped with ammunition, food and fuel.
The Minister of Defence gave some instructions to strictly observe safety rules while using ammunition, as well as fire security.
Minister Papikyan assigned to keep discipline, noting that new methods will be organized to exclude vicious phenomena among the troops in the future.