“Homeland defender” programme

9 December, 2022 18:55
In order to increase the attractiveness of military service in the Armed Forces a programme “Homeland defender” has been introduced, which is a new system of transition of enlisted and officer staff to contract military service.

“Homeland Defender” programme provides the possibility for enlisted and officer staff, after their first 6 months of compulsory military service, to switch to contract military service in accordance with the established procedure by the government, setting 5 years for the service, as well as in case of early dismissal from service on the basis of the contractual period or recognition of unfit for health reasons, establishing for them the right to receive fee, the amount of which is planned to be set 5 million drams (the fee can be freely disposed).

Military personnel who have signed a contract will have to pass certification in accordance with the procedure established by law, and in case of positive results, they will be charged an allowance provided for their positional group.

Simultaneously, in case of contract military service refusal during the term of the contract, the contract period will not be counted in the term of compulsory military service, and the serviceman will be sent to continue the non-served part of compulsory military service.

With the introduction of the above mentioned programme, the "I AM" programme is also terminated the passage of compulsory military service of enlisted personnel in the specified place and under the specified conditions by the Ministry of Defence, transitional provisions are established due to the termination of the programme on the allocation and free disposal of the amount of honorary payment provided by the programme (5 million drams) to the families of servicemen who served under the programme "I AM", as well as the families of servicemen who died as a result of military operations in 2020.