Statement of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia

13 September, 2022 18:30
As of 18:00 on September 13, the situation in some parts of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border continues to be tense. Although it is still too early to talk about the stabilization of the situation, the intensity of shelling recorded since midnight has significantly weakened.
The enemy, with the use of special purpose units, is trying to ensure positional advancement throughout the day, particularly in the direction of Nerkin Hand, Verin Shorzha, Artanish and Sotk. The Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia continue to fulfill the combat tasks assigned to them. The information about the losses of the Armenian side is being clarified.
Starting from midnight until now, Azerbaijani units continue to target border settlements and civil infrastructures. In this obvious reality, the claims of the Azerbaijani side that they are not targeting the civilian population become even more absurd. There is enough evidence that confirms the criminal actions of the armed forces of Azerbaijan against the civilian population.
The Ministry of Defence will continue to periodically make official statements on the development of the situation. We urge you to follow only the official news, to refrain from going to the combat zones, especially from publishing videos from those areas.