The winner of the "Athlete" tournament has been determined

18 August, 2022 17:09
Within the framework of the international competition "Warrior of Peace" on August 16 and 17, the military sports tournament "Athletic" was held in two rounds.

On the first day of the competition on the territory of one of the military units, the participants measured their strength in 2 exercises: running for 100 meters and throwing a grenade taking into account accuracy  and distance. On the second day, the members of the national teams did a stretching on a barbell, and then overcame a restricted area equipped with established standards.

According to the overall calculation of the results of the two-day competitions in the "Athlete" tournament, the Belarusian team became the winner. Kazakhstan is in second place. The team of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is the third in the top three.

Captain Armine Grigoryan, representing the RA Armed Forces team, is second in the women's individual competition.