Consultation chaired by Suren Papikyan

28 June, 2022 13:24
On June 28, under the chairmanship of the RA Minister of Defence Suren Papikyan, a consultation was held in the administrative complex of the Ministry of Defence, attended by the leadership of the Ministry of Defence, the Armed Forces General Staff. The command staff of army corps joined the consultation via cideo connection.
During the consultation, a number of issues related to discipline in the Armed Forces were discussed, in particular, the implementation of orders banning the use of smartphones, measures aimed at preventing the recent increase in the number of car accidents with the participation of servicemen, and so on.

Suren Papikyan gave the heads of the relevant departments strict instructions to keep these issues in the spotlight and report on the work done and their results in a reasonable period of time.

Those responsible for the implementation of fortification works on the front line also made reports. The Minister of Defence instructed to take active measures to carry out the work in proper quality and in due time.