The RA Minister of Defence visited the Central Gathering Point

13 June, 2022 20:14
The 2022 summer conscription started on June 13. The Minister of Defence Suren Papikyan accompanied by the Acting Chief of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Kamo Kochunts and other high-ranking servicemen visited the Central Gathering Point of the RA Ministry of Defence to see the work carried out with the young men leaving for compulsory military service.

The people in charge of the conscription process presented to the head of the Ministry of Defence the procedure of meeting, accepting and organizing medical examinations of conscripts. Suren Papikyan observed the existing conditions for conscription in the gathering point, walked around all the conscription halls, instructed to pay special attention to the conscripts' health issues, make necessary decisions to increase the efficiency of the conscription process, ensure justice and transparency.

The Minister of Defence also followed the draw of the place of service, talked to the conscripts, inquired about their expectations and mood, and wished them safe service.