The working visit of the Minister of Defence to the southern border of the Republic of Armenia continues

8 February, 2022 21:58
On February 8, the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia Suren Papikyan visited a number of military units located in the southern direction of the Republic of Armenia, followed the process of repair and construction works.

The head of the Ministry of Defence, during meetings with the command staff of military units, in addition to having proper living conditions for service, emphasized the need for a sharp increase in the level of knowledge and combat effectiveness of military personnel.

Suren Papikyan visited military bases, got acquainted with the ongoing fortification works on the spot, living conditions, and the moral and psychological condition of the personnel on combat duty.

The Minister of Defence gave instructions to the command staff of the military unit, the commanders of the military units, to eliminate the problems registered during the working visit as soon as possible.