Ways to improve the situation of military discipline were discussed

17 January, 2022
On January 15, under the chairmanship of the Head of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, lieutenant-general A. Davtyan, a gathering-consultation was held on the topic “The state of military discipline in the RA Armed Forces and ways to improve it”, which was attended by deputy commanders of military formations and military units on moral and psychological support, spiritual leader and chaplains of the Armed Forces, officers-lawyers and officer-psychologists.

In the presented reports the current problems and ways to solve them were discussed. Summing up the results of the consultation, the Head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, lieutenant-general A. Davtyan noted the importance of the ongoing work to strengthen military discipline, emphasizing that such gatherings will also be held in military formations in order to improve the state of military discipline in the troops and prevent emergencies.