The message of the RA Minister of Defence Suren Papikyan on the occasion of the day of the medical worker

17 November, 2021
Dear military doctors.
The medical service of the army has passed a truly glorious and heroic way.

Doctors who were baptized by military service during the First Artsakh war, with many examples of courage, high professional training, boundless devotion and patriotism, created their own code of conduct, laid the foundations of medical service, and over the years of peaceful army building they honourably fulfilled the most important mission of providing high-quality medical care to soldiers and officers, maintaining their health and returning to duty. Throughout its history, the army medical service has passed the path of development, progress and achievements, it was equipped with modern medical equipment, military doctors improved their professional qualifications from year to year, the types and methods of medical care that correspond to the modern world were introduced, but the highest achievement of the medical service was and remains love and care of a doctor for soldiers and officers, a willingness to selflessly fight for their life and health. The 44-day war showed that the army's medical service continues the traditions - military doctors in the hottest spots of hostilities, in fire, under a stream of shells, risking their lives, provided medical assistance to a soldier and an officer, a contract soldier and a volunteer who fought for the freedom of the Motherland, and saved thousands of lives. Through their heroism, they have enriched the history of our glory with new stories. The new shift of the army medical service will follow their example. The bar they set will never go down.

Today, on the Day of the Medical Worker, we honor the memory of all the military doctors who fell during the Armenian liberation struggle and glorify their heroism. Congratulations to all the medical staff on their professional holiday. You deserve to carry the high ranks of doctor and military with glory and pride. I wish everyone a peaceful homeland. Prosperity, prosperity and happiness to your families.

You have earned the honours of being a doctor and a soldier with glory and pride. I wish you all a peaceful Homeland. Prosperity, welfare and happiness to your families.