3-day training held at Ministry of Defence

19 April, 2018
Three-day training for the top staff of Armenia’s military commissariats was launched in the administrative complex of the Ministry of Defence on 19 April. Top officials of the Ministry of Defence, Armed Forces and General Staff, as well as representatives of medical commissions and other officials involved in the conscription process are participating.

After welcoming the participants, Defence Minister Vigen Sargsyan said that this gathering enables the personnel involved in the conscription process to get information directly from the leadership of the Defence Ministry and the General Staff on the principles that should be laid in the basis of the military commissariat's activities, and to raise the effectiveness of the works and communication with the public.

The first of the two main directions discussed was the reforms carried out under the Nation-Army concept and the already implemented and upcoming tasks. The second direction concerns the modernization of military commissariats.

Speaking about the Nation- Army concept, Minister Sargsyan said that the protection of the state should become an inseparable part of our life, activity, essence, on which all political decisions and future programs should be based.

He also touched spoke about the formation of the legal framework for the Nation-Army concept and the 7-year program of modernization of the Armed Forces.

The other pillar of the Nation- Army concept, according to Sargsyan, is the "I am", "I have the Honour" and "From Soldier to Officer" projects, already under implementation, and the latter being designed for those who have decided to return to the military after their service as conscripts and now serve as officers. Military courses will be organized for them at the military universities, they will get a scholarship equal to minimum wages, the students will attend the university only during class hours and after completing their exams, they will sign an officer service contract for ten years.

Sargsyan also spoke about the "Ditaket" program and the novelties in the military education, pointing to the Monte Melkonian Military Training College. He said that today the college has the best pedagogical staff and dedicated team of officers; there are wonderful conditions for living, education and leisure. This year, 600 young people have already expressed their willingness to apply to the college, while the admission has not even been officially announced.

Summing up the Nation-Army topic, Minister Sargsyan spoke about the military commissariats and the expansion plans. He said that the military commissariats are recruiting centre, the showcase of the army for the society, and the more programs and service they have, the more important their work of informing the public of service alternatives becomes.

Speaking about the enlarging the military commissariats,  Sargsyan said that the first stage envisages to make seven commissariats out of the existing 20. The new commissariats will have modern and pleasant office facilities, all documents will be digitized and kept electronically, and special civilian service will be introduced.

He attached importance to periodic work of military commissariats with military units, discharged servicemen, veteran organizations, and regional uniform services.

Summing up his remarks, he demanded that the military commissariat officials strictly follow the letter of the law, excluding any type of illegal organization of the conscription, as well as in the daily activities.