High level conference on BI at the Ministry of Defence

15 March, 2019 17:31
Integrity and good governance reforms in the defence sector were the focus of a special Key Leaders Engagement Day, which NATO Building Integrity (BI) and the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia conducted in Yerevan on 14th of March, as part of NATO Week 2019.

The conference brought together representatives of the Ministry and NATO with international experts, to explore the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability as factors for sustainable reforms. In particular, the discussions focused on the key role played by leaders to promote reforms, during which the Ministry of Defence presented its collaboration with NATO BI. The participants also looked at the conditions to embed changes at the policy level.

Last but not least, experts and participants emphasized the importance of including BI principles in educational programme of instructions, in order to promote BI reforms at the political level and strengthen a culture of integrity.

This is the first NATO BI high level event held in Armenia since the Ministry of Defence joint the BI Programme in 2013. In 2016, NATO BI led a Peer Review visit to further analyze the Self-Assessment Questionnaire completed by the Ministry.  This process of self-assessment and peer review is the backbone of NATO BI. It provides the foundation to benefit from integrity and good governance tailored support at the institutional and individual levels.

Participants of this event included representatives of the Ministry of Defence and of institutions involved in good governance such as Security Council, Standing Committee on Defence and Security of the National Assembly, Ministry of Justice, Members of the National Assembly, Military Prosecutor's Office, Investigative Committee, the Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials and NGOs. Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic corps also attended.

At the end of the event, the enhanced Building Integrity Self-Assessment Questionnaire was handed over to the NATO BI representatives.

NATO representatives and internatational experts were hosted by the Minister of Defence  Mr. Davit Tonoyan.