9 November, 2017
It's the early hours of February 25. A large group of the enemy’s special forces is approaching Martuni defense line on the state border of Artsakh. Moving slowly, they are trying to clean a pathway in the minefield. Our guards notice their movement and take their positions unhurriedly. They are waiting, letting the enemy get as close as possible. It's 2:41 a.m. Our soldiers open fire. Some of the enemy troops are killed immediately, the get wounded; some begin to creep into their position. It's 5:07 a.m. The operation is over; the group is completely destroyed. The bodies of Azeri militants remain in a no man’s zone. I am turning off the video shot by the Artsakh Defense Army and getting ready to leave for the border zone to see the real heroes.

“Lieutenant Armen Grigoryan noticed the adversary’s advent to our position through his thermal device and reported it to me,” says Maj. Harutyun Hartenyan, who headed the operation. “I told him not to open fire, letting them to get closer. In the meantime, I got in touch with other positions. The adversary opened an active artillery fire. I instructed my soldiers to prepare for suspending the attack. When they advanced for 60-70 meters more, I ordered to open fire. The guys started firing from machine guns and rifles.”

“I saw a group of 8-9 people approaching our position,” says platoon commander Lt. Armen Grigoryan. “First I thought something was wrong with my eyes. Then I looked again and realized I was not mistaken. I called the sniper and the machine gunner. We went up the trench and took positions.”

He says though it was only three of them shooting at the Azeris, the impression they were giving the enemy was as if the group was quite large.

“The senior soldier of the positions next to us was also firing,” he goes on. “We killed three of them, and they began to retreat. Then we killed two more, then, another two.”

"Were they firing, too?" I asked.

“Only sporadically. However, they were using many different weapons,” Grigoryan says. “When they realized they were losing the fight they opened artillery fire. I ordered the crew to take cover while the rest of us continued the fight. When the dawn broke, the feeling was it was all in a dream, and only the enemy bodies in the no man’s land reminded of the night war.”