More education opportunities for discharged young people

12 December, 2017
At a meeting held at the Ministry of Defence on December 12, Defence Minister Vigen Sargsyan proposed to heads of the organizations dealing with higher education institutions, youth organizations and student councils of higher education institutions to discuss the issue of giving more enrolment opportunities to young people discharged from military service.

Sargsyan said that the results of a large-scale survey conducted under the Ditaket project show that a significant part of the young people who have served in the military wish to be enrolled in higher education institutions after their demobilization or continue their education.

He said he believed that if higher educational institutions work with discharged servicemen and create certain conditions for making entry exams periods correspond with the discharge periods and inform them about the privileges offered by the state, the number of discharged young people applying to higher educational institutions will significantly increase.

Sargsyan expressed readiness to fully support institutions in organizing meetings and discussions with servicemen who are about to be discharged for providing them with information on their specializations, admission procedures and other necessary information.

The participants of the meeting welcomed Sargsyan's proposal, assuring that they would take action to implement it.