Ditaket / Watchtower

“Ditaket” is a research project initiated by the RA Defence Ministry in the frame of which sociological surveys are conducted among demobilized soldiers to reveal the main gaps existing in the Armenian army and to reform the field.

Within 1-4 month after the demobilization, the specialists of “Breavis", the company that implements the project, visit former soldiers and conduct face-to-face interviews via tablets. 

The purpose of “Ditaket” project is to identify socio-psychological, economic, and regulatory issues of the military service, connected to the property conditions of the military units, sanitary and hygienic conditions, interpersonal relations, satisfaction with food provisions and the first aid. The results of the survey will also help to reveal the difficulties of the transition from civilian life to military life and possible solutions to that issue.

“Ditaket” research project is unique in its kind and the scope of coverage. For the first time in the post-Soviet area, a large-scale survey in the field of defence is conducted among demobilized soldiers across the country.

More than 70 researchers, experts and defence field specialists are involved in the working team of the project.

Specific requirements for data security have been defined for the implementation of the research and a special software system has been introduced, creating comfortable conditions for the demobilized soldiers to express their opinion. The survey results are presented only in a generalized format.

In the frame of “Ditaket” sociological research, implemented in 2017, the interviewers of Breavis Company visited 47 cities and 688 villages, conducting surveys among the soldiers demobilized in the summer of 2017.

The analytics team of the company implemented data analysis and presented the results to the RA Ministry of Defence in the form of detailed reports.