The National Institute for Strategic Defense Security Education, NDRU, MOD, RA

The educational functions of the NDRU are performed by the National Institute for Strategic Defense Security Education (NISDSE). The Institute runs Master’s, Postgraduate and Executive Education programs. The activity of the Institute is organized via the Western model of research institutes and universities, i.e., by gaining knowledge from the fundamental and applied research in close cooperation with the NDRU research component and sharing it in the auditorium.

The main goal of the NISDSE is to provide the senior and high-ranking officers of the RA MOD and Armed Forces, as well as mid- and top-level officials of defense-security agencies with common and constantly updating knowledge.

The NISDSE performs the tasks of ensuring the quality of the education and introducing a relevant system and procedures, as well as developing the products of the academic-educational activity and teaching, expert, academic-methodological manuals and handbooks.

 By the efforts of the Academic-Educational Center, the Institute elaborated and carried out the intragency executive education pilot course on the “RA Defense System Reforms Strategic Guidelines”, which was a success. The program was drafted upon the expert-analytical material published in more than twenty issues of “Haikakan Banak” defense-academic journal and embraces the whole of the volume of defense reforms conducted with consideration of results of the defense strategic review. A part of it is covered in the two-volume academic-expert and teaching textbook titled “Guidelines for the Defense-Security System Reforms in the Republic of Armenia”.

Taking into account yields of said pilot course, the Institute now is up on elaborating extended programs for intra- and interagency courses, which will be provided subsequently.

In July, 2017, Col Suren Davtyan was appointed Deputy Head in Education—Head, National Institute for Strategic Defense Security Education, NDRU.

Anna Gevorgyan was appointed Head of the Academic-Educational Center, NISDSE, NDRU, in December, 2016.