A consultation of the leadership was held in the Military Police of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia

9 March, 2020
On March 9, Deputy Minister of Defense of Armenia Gabriel Balayan participated in the consultation of the leadership of the central apparatus and subordinate subdivisions of the Military Police of the Ministry of Defense.

The results of the operative and preventive measures taken in the military units of the Armed Forces over the past weeks were summarized during the consultation. It was noted that the servicemen of the mandatory military service were found to have a large number of mobile phones with operating systems (smartphones) which are being returned to the parents of the servicemen. The process is continuing and the Military Police is taking active measures to detect the prohibited items in the military units.

Once again, the Deputy Minister of Defense highlighted the need for an effective fight to eliminate criminal subculture and defective phenomena in the Armed Forces and gave respective assignments to the heads of the various circles of the Military Police.