The RA Minister of Defence received the philatropist Vigen Karapetyan

23 November, 2019
On November 23, RA Minister of Defence David Tonoyan received Vigen Karapetyan, a member of the Armenian Dental Association of California, Armenian-American philantropist.

The Defence Minister thanked the philanthropist for 25 years of active charity work, within the framework of which a number of social programs have been implemented in the regions of the republic, as well as the families of killed and wounded servicemen.

The latest large-scale project is a mobile dental clinic initiated by the Armenian Dental Association of California, Syunik Development NGO, Vayots Dzor Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Paros Foundation, which has been providing free services in the suburbs and southwest of the country for a month.

Davit Tonoyan and Vigen Karapetyan have agreed to deepen the cooperation between the Ministry of Defence and the Armenian Dental Association of California. In particular, the possibility of expanding the mobile dental clinic program was discussed, as well as an agreement was reached to launch a comprehensive training program for military medical dentists in Siranuysh-Anahit camp in Vayots Dzor next summer, to be attended by dental practitioners from California.

For carrying out pro-Armenian activities abroad, for supporting to the RA Armed Forces, the families of killed and wounded servicemen, as well as for the unselfish assistance shown during the 2016 April military acticities, Vigen Karapetyan was awarded with “Marshal Baghramyan” medal by Armenian Defence Minister David Tonoyan.

Vigen Karapetyan expressed his gratitude for the award and support to the programs he initiated, underlining that his support to the Armenian Armed Forces and border communities would be continuous.