International Military Sport Council annual conference of is held in Yerevan

10 September, 2019
The delegation headed by the President of the European Federation of International Military Sport Council Colonel Sweden is in Yerevan. At a press conference at the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Sweden and Secretary-General Mombi Koita presented the activities and goals of CISM.

The International Military Sport Council was established on February 18, 1948. CISM is one of the largest international sports organizations with 138 member states. "Friendship through Sport" is the motto of the organization which aims to bring together servicemen of different countries on sporting grounds, to organize different competitions where the servicemen of armed forces of different countries will meet, to compete in different arenas without weapons and not on the battlefield. One of the goals is to provide future military and civilian leaders with cultural awareness of other countries that will help reduce tensions around the world. "The more people know each other, the less chances of conflict," said Colonel Sweden. The organization organizes 20 championships each year, and the World Championships every 4 years.