International Army Games 2019

7 August, 2019
The RA Armed Forces units are participating in "Tank Biathlon", "Field Kitchen" and "Guardian of Discipline" competitions in the Russian Federation. Armenian chefs participating in “Field Kitchen” competition also performed perfectly in the firefighting round, firing on targets simultaneously. The Armenian team took the 6th place in “Field Kitchen” competition. On August 7 the next rounds of exercises were held.

Тhere is a stubborn struggle for the fifth to eighth places иn the “Tank Biathlon” competition. All teams of the first division - Armenia, Venezuela, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Serbia and Syria, have chances to qualify for the semifinals. The "Safe Environment" competition in China will start on August 8, while the Armenian team finished 6th in the “Armourer Master” competition.

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia take part in the “Excellent Soldiers of Intelligence” competition in the Republic of India, “Sniper Nature” in Belarus, “Military Medical Relay Race” in Uzbekistan,

In the Republic of Belarus in the Sniper Border, in Uzbekistan in the Military Medical Relay Rounds, and “Road Patrol” in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"Confident Acceptance" and "Artillery Fire Master" competitions have started in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It should be reminded that the “Tank Biathlon competition” organized by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in 2013, underlie the International Army Games.

4 teams from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia were participating in the competition in 2013. Russian team was the winner of the competition. The first attempt of the competition received a positive feedback in the military bodies of 11 countries, and 48 tank crew from 12 countries applied for participation for the next competition in 2014. The four main teams were joined by Angola, Venezuela, India, China, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Serbia.

The national teams of Russia, Armenia and China were the winners and awardees of the competition. In 2015, the “Tank Biathlon” competition became a part of the International Army Games.

In 2014 an international competition was held at Alabino military training unit in Moscow region. Armenian tankers took the second place at a team total score and were awarded with one T-90S tank.