Defence minister visited military unit located in north-eastern direction

21 May, 2019
On 21 May, Armenian Defence Minister Davit Tonoyan visited a military unit located in the north-eastern direction of the republic.

According to the training plan of the Armed Forces, as part of the trainings for commanders and their deputies, Tonoyan delivered a lecture on "Military-political situation in the region and possible developments ".

He briefed the participants on the main challenges of the security environment around Armenia and Artsakh, the current and potential developments in the field of international and regional interests and conflicts, the main guarantees for the favourable negotiation conditions for Armenia e in the process of peaceful settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict.

Tonoyan also answered the questions of the officers.

Later, in Vanadzor, Lori Marz, Tonoyan took part in the solemn ceremony of opening a new residential building for servicemen and their families.

Congratulating the servicemen and their family members on the holiday, Tonoyan wished them happiness, expressing confidence that the housewarming would be a stimulus for the military service to be renewed with new energy and enthusiasm.

He underlined that each such initiative aimed at improving the social conditions of the servicemen is a new and progressive step towards strengthening the combat readiness of the armed forces and it is not accidental that the military-political leadership of Armenia does its best to assess the military service properly, to solve the problems of social and everyday life, especially housing issues. He also stressed that the allocation of apartments was based on the decision of the army corps command based on the characteristics of the officers, the housing conditions and the service functions.