Defence minister meets with Great Patriotic War, labour and military veterans

7 May, 2019
Armenian Minister of Defence Davit Tonoyan visited on 7 May the Union of Veterans of Armenia to meet with veterans of the Great Patriotic War, labor and armed forces.

He congratulated them on the May holidays, wishing them good health, longevity, spirit of courage, peace and happiness.

"Dear veterans, thanks to your victory, the Armenian people did not get on the road of exile again and lost their homeland. If it wasn’t for your victory, there would not have been the victory of your grandchildren in the Artsakh war. I want to assure you that the victory in Artsakh, all the years of army building, as well as the achievements of the 2016 April military operations are equally yours. They are the branches that have grown from the powerful root, and you are that root," Tonoyan said.

He then took questions from the veterans and later awarded some of them with commemorative medals.