Discussion held at 5th Army

5 September, 2018
A discussion entitled "The Role of Religious Education for Moral and Psychological Stability of Service Members and in Ensuring Their Charter Relations" was held at the 5th Army on 3 September. The discussion was attended by the 5th Army and Yerevan Garrison chaplains and presided over by Chaplain Yenovk Yesayan.

Yesayan said that the issue is pivotal and needs to be addressed, especially given the current complicated informational psychological environment, and that it is necessary to strengthen role of spiritual education in the military. The spiritual education should be more comprehensive especially among conscripts, considering that at that age, due to various factors, some negative emotional impacts are quite possible.

Priest Kyuregh Talian, who was also invited to the discussion, delivered a lecture, shared his rich experience in how to deal with servicemen with problematic behaviour and a unstable moral state.

A decision was made to hold such discussions on regular basis.