5th Army Corps marks 20th anniversary

3 September, 2018
The 20th anniversary of the 5th Army Corps was solemnly celebrated on 1 September.

Speaking at the event, its commander, Col. A. Piloyan, said: "The 5th Army Corps are already twenty years old. Тhis is a young age, of course, but there is a hard work of many people, achievements and omissions behind those years; however, the result is brilliant because we have a well-established corps that are ready to carry out any combat mission."

The 5th Corps were formed on 28 August 1998.

During the twenty years, they had many achievements in combat and mobilization readiness, combat duty, military discipline and other areas.

The patriotic and moral education are high. Various events aimed at strengthening the ties between the military and society are held. Under the Nation-Army concept, Diaspora Armenian youth visit the military unites, study tours are organised for different groups.