Vigen Sargsyan visits Homeland Defender's Rehabilitation Centre

28 April, 2018
Acting Defence Minister Vigen Sargsyan visited on 27 April the Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Centre and met with the recovering servicemen and the participants of the April 2016 combat operations. The young people asked him a number of questions, mainly about the latest political events unfolding in the country.

Sargsyan spoke about the Yerevan rallies and gatherings, especially about the speeches related to the Armed Forces, and the joining the rallies by a group of servicemen, calling that act unacceptable. He underscored that the main mission of the Armed Forces remains the defence of the border, and that the army leadership and the Armed Forces units will continue to strongly defend the security of the two Armenian republics.

Sargsyan once again stated that the movement and accumulation of enemy troops has not ceased, noting that the speculators can’t even imagine the dangers these movements poise.

He added that the armed forces of Armenia and Artsakh are closely watching the adversary and are ready to retaliate.

At the end of the meeting, Sargsyan wished speedy recovery to the patients of the Centre, noting that this institution is extremely important not only because it has excellent services and modern equipment, but also due to its warm environment where everyone has the same goal.