Statement of Republic of Armenia Ministry of Defence Collegium, 22 April 2018, Yerevan

22 April, 2018
The Republic of Armenia Ministry of Defence Collegium is deeply concerned about the recent developments in Yerevan.

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia are out of the political processes and provide the defence, security, territorial integrity and inviolability of borders of the Republic of Armenia on daily basis. Nevertheless, it is evident that organising mass events in violation of the law, attempts to seize the power that was formed in accordance with the letter of the law, the attempts to put forward ultimatums to the prime minister elected in accordance with the Constitution are fraught with unpredictable developments which can seriously affect the aggravation of the situation at the border, already noticeable.

According to intelligence data, Azerbaijan's military and political leaderships view the developments in Armenia as a significant factor for the new military adventure against the Republic of Artsakh. The further aggravation of the situation contributes to it.

The attempts to seize power, block public institutions, block public transport routes, paralyze the public administration system, and disrupt normal lives will inevitably lead to the escalation of the military challenges we face. In order to ensure the protection of the country, all the state institutions need harmonious and sustainable cooperation.

It is above doubts that the Armenian army is capable to retaliate any enemy attack. However, domestic instability is a factor that can only adversely affect the implementation of defence tasks, the transfer of the country to the state of war and mobilisation tasks in case of possible undesirable developments.

The Ministry of Defence Collegium calls on the organisers and participants of the unsanctioned mass events and gatherings to refrain from actions that may lead to internal instability. Tens of thousands of the children of our people carry out the mission of defending Armenia at any moment of the day; their confidence and perseverance also largely depend on the situation in the rear, and the organisers who call their actions peaceful should bear in mind not only the consequences of the action at the site but also the risks our commanders and soldiers have on the front line.

Vigen Sargsyan,

Minister of Defence;

Col. Gen. Movses Hakobyan,

Chief of Armed Forces General Staff;

Col. Gen. Mikael Harutyunyan;

Artak Zakaryan,

First Deputy Minister of Defence;

David Pakhchanyan,

Deputy Minister of Defence/Chairman of State Military Industry Committee;

Artak Davtyan,

Deputy Minister of Defence;

Maj. Gen. Onnik Gasparyan,

First Deputy Chief of General Staff;

Lt. Gen. Stepan Galstyan,

Deputy Chief of General Staff;

Maj. Gen. Tiran Khachatryan,

Deputy Chief of General Staff;

Maj. Gen. Andranik Makaryan,

Deputy Chief of General Staff;

Lt. Gen. Levon Mnatsakanyan,

NKR Defence Army Commander